Welcome to the 2017-2018
St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
Religious Education Registration System
The religious education registration process for the 2017-2018 academic year is now open. We are excited about the start of the new year. As in prior years, our religious education classes begin with the Family Mass at 9am on Sundays. The children then proceed to the classrooms for an hour of instruction, from 10-11am. Because the sacraments require two years of preparation, only children enrolled in the religious education program last year should register for the sacramental grades, second and eighth.

The parish office must have a copy of each studentís baptismal certificate on file and the name and mailing address of the church where the baptism took place. If you have not previously submitted this information to the religious education office, please be prepared to submit it with your registration.

The registration fee is $60 per student for all registrations completed by 3pm on Friday, August 25th. A registration is considered complete when the online registration is complete and payment has been made online or received by the parish office. The registration fee for all registrations taking place after 3pm on Friday, August 25th will be $100 per student.

The religious education year will kick-off with the first session on Sunday, August 27th beginning with the 9AM Family Mass. Further information will be emailed to you.